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Have you ever wondered how we produce our personalised stories? In these lines we tell the process of The Magic of My Name and how you can process your order in these easy steps.


The customisation is the cornerstone of The Magic of My Name, which invites children to a magical journey in search of the meaning of the letters of their name. In the story, each letter of the name is associated with a particular attribute, each associated with a small adventure. The best part of our books is that each name generates a different book!

How can you order your personalised story?

Through our website you can enter the name of the boy or girl, gender and skin colour and hair. When finished, you will see that the system offers you the option to preview the full story, also adding a personal dedication to the boy or the girl whom the book is addressed. In a few additional steps you can add your details and make payment securely.


How we produce our books

After your order, our magical fairy gets all the book data to the printer.  Once you have received the confirmation email, you have 24 hours to contact us if you want to make a change. Remember you can customise your personalised story with a personal dedication completely free! Each book is digitally printed on an oblong DIN A4 paper of 170gr. You can choose between hard or soft cover. The number of pages of the book will depend on each name, but we guarantee that each book contains a minimum of 38 pages. After printing, your book is delivered to the shipping company to send it to your home in time to surprise your child.

We hope you enjoy the magic of our personalised stories!