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Who are we

Creators of personalised stories books

At some point in our adult lives we have all wanted to return to childhood. For children, life is a game full of imagination and fun and it is said that as we grow up, we forget how to play. It was precisely this nostalgia to see life through the eyes of a child which prompted us to start this project.

We are The Story Tailors. We are a company founded in Barcelona in 2015 by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of animation and children's content.

We wanted to launch a product that would create unique experiences for young children and contribute educational and positive values.

It was here that "The Magic of my Name" emerged.

The Magic of my Name invites all children on a magical journey full of charming characters who accompany the children in an exciting adventure in colourful and amazing worlds. Personalisation is the core of the children's book, which contains a story based on the letters of the name of each child. In this way, every child receives a unique story to suit them, to help the child understand what hidden characteristic lies beneath each one of the letters in their name.

This is our philosophy, on 4 pillars:

• We believe every child is entitled to enjoy a magical childhood with access to knowledge and education, regardless of their origin.

• Each child is unique and special, and should feel proud of themselves, always. As Oscar Wilde said, "Be yourself, the rest of the roles are already taken."

• Every business or organisation must contribute to improving society, therefore we collaborate in aid programs for children from Save The Children.

• We believe in technology and consumption, and how this can help create magical and customised products.

Let the magic be with you!